Nonresident Cards

Residents of Illinois, Kentucky or any other state are eligible to receive a library card, valid for one year. Nonresidents pay a $55.00 fee per year per family. Only one card is issued per family, and no juvenile cards will be issued.

Nonresidents must provide proof of address and pay the $55.00 nonresident fee prior to receiving their card.

Nonresidents who can prove with a pay stub, tax bill, or deed that they work, own property or pay property taxes in our district are eligible for a nonresident card free of charge. Proof of nonresident status must be shown each year when a new card is purchased.

Nonresident borrowers have all the rights and privileges of resident library patrons. However, to use other libraries in Indiana, they must apply for a library card at each library they want to use and pay any nonresident fees.

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